Obs Date Observer Zone/Region Location
May 21, 2023 Public Boulder/Jughandle Area Rapid peak, Maloney Lake
May 18, 2023 Public Goose Lake Area North Face of Granite down to Twin Lakes.
May 1, 2023 Public Boulder/Jughandle Area Jughandle north face and lower bowl behind Louis Lake
April 30, 2023 Public Warm Lake area Big Creek Summit
April 28, 2023 Public Lick Creek Area Beaverdam
April 22, 2023 Public Secesh Summit Area Trail Creek
April 21, 2023 PAC Lick Creek Area Hum Lake
April 19, 2023 PAC Boulder/Jughandle Area East side of Jug
April 14, 2023 PAC Lick Creek Area South of 8302
April 8, 2023 PAC Secesh Summit Area Trail Lake, Deep Lake, and Summit Lake