The Friends of the Payette Avalanche Center announces our 2020 “Future Forecasters Scholarship”

The Friends of Payette Avalanche Center is looking for local High school students who ski, board or snowmobile that are interested in making a career in the snow sciences.  We want to jump start your studies by paying the tuition for a Level 1 Avalanche class. 

What - Tuition for local high school seniors to take a Level 1 Avalanche class with Payette Powder Guides or CM Rentals.

Who - High school seniors from McCall-Donnelly, New Meadows, or Cascade comfortable with over the snow travel either by motorized or non-motorized travel.  The Friends prefers a mix of motorized and non-motorized students since the two groups are more likely to submit observations from different places.

When - Deadline to Apply December 1st 2020.  Scholarships will be announced mid-December and

the classes are in the middle of January 2021.

The catch - The student will then submit avalanche observations upon completion of the course.  This can provide a platform for the student to practice their skills and continue on their path towards a professional career.  Professional observers and forecasters will be available to assist and mentor.  It will also provide valuable information to the PAC forecasters and the community.

How to Apply - send an email to telling us why you should be considered for the scholarship. Give us a little background on yourself, what interests you in the snow sciences and how you plan to use your skills in the future.  Extra consideration will be given to students who submit an avalanche observation before Dec 1st.  This does not have to be from an actual observation, but simply showing us that you have the ability to submit an observation.  Observations are submitted via the PAC website here:

Any additional questions please email to