Warm day in the mountains

Location Name: 
South Rain
Lick Creek Area
Date and time of observation: 
Sun, 01/26/2020 - 12:30
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United States
45° 3' 18.5868" N, 115° 56' 19.6512" W

Red Flags: 
Rapid warming

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Snowpit Observations
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Yesterday in the Lick Cr drainage, above Duck Lake, we watched the snow change from the warmest day yet in the mountains. Our test pit on an NE facing slope at 7800 feet revealed a couple layers that are struggling to bond with facets and graupel. No propagation on the two layers 6-12 inches down from the surface was observed, and we could not get any cracks to propagate. The warmup made the surface sensitive enough to produce some pretty big rollerballs naturally as well as from our ski turns. We were able to get a small NE storm slab pocket to fail in the new snow and run small while skiing above it. Un-supported rollovers were failing easily, but not spreading out with ski cuts in the 2 layers just below the surface.

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