Monumental Summit

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monumental summit
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Fri, 02/02/2018 - 12:37
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United States
44° 54' 42.5448" N, 115° 17' 26.5164" W

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Snowpit Observations
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full profile overlooking Cinnabar Mine, 8500' N.

HS 225 cm

HNS 15 cm

Two main layers of interest,

The Thanksgiving crust at 100 cm from ground. This crust is sandwiched between a 5cm thick layer of well developed facets (1.5mm) above and below the crust. 

The New Years crust at about 165 cm from ground. At this elevation and aspect not so much a crust but a significant layer and hardness change, obviously from the same weather event. This was the only layer I was able to get repeatable test results from, CTH27, Q1.

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Traveled to Monumental Summit in search of dry snow today, couldn't find any even at these elevations on N aspects so toured into Sugar Creek for a pit.

Did not see any signs of avalanching from Monumental or on the Sugar Creek side. 

Multiple test slopes were given cornice drops and ski cuts with no results.

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